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About Lake Havasu City Arizona

Lake Havasu VillageRobert P. McCulloch, Sr. brought the lake to western Arizona in 1958. He was flying over the Southwest looking for an outboard motor testing site when he spotted Lake Havasu, which was formed when Parker Dam was completed 1938.

McCulloch landed his plane at the abandoned Army Air Corps landing strip and rest camp which had been constructed on the eastern shores of Lake Havasu during World War II. He determined this was the ideal spot to set up his testing station for his outboard motors, so he purchased this 3500 acres of land at Pittsburgh Point which is still known as Site Six.

In 1964, McCulloch purchased 26 square miles of property in western Arizona (at a cost of $73.47 per acre) which was to become Lake Havasu City. It was the largest single tract of land ever sold in the state.

At the time, there were no buildings or paved roads in the area. Mr. McCulloch built a 100-unit mobile home park at Site Six to house his workers. The Best Western and the Nautical Inn were the first motels. There was no post office, no radio or even TV. Gradually, businesses came and homes were built.

Lake Havasu Information Videos

Lake Havasu also has some of the most scenic and exhilarating hiking trails in the country.
Click the play button below to see our hiking trails in HD video

Introduction to Lake Havasu City Hiking Trails from Gone With the Wynns on Vimeo.

(very nice - Click play arrow to view)

The Famous London Bridge

When the London Bridge was put up for auction by the City of London, Mr. McCulloch needed a bridge to link the mainland of Lake Havasu City with an island that would be formed by dredging a channel to Thompson Bay to help with the bay's water quality.

Click the London Bridge image below for a larger view

McCulloch placed the winning bid for the London Bridge in 1968, which was $2,460,000. How did he arrive at this figure? The first question was how much it would cost London to cut the granite so it could be used again. The figure McCulloch and C. V. Wood, Jr. came up with was $1,200,000, so they doubled that amount for their bid. Since McCulloch and Wood thought someone else might figure this same amount, they added another $60,000 which was $1,000 for each year of McCulloch's age - 60. The foundation stone of the London Bridge was laid in Lake Havasu City in 1968, and it was completed and dedicated on October 10, 1971.

Lake Havasu is a National Hotspot for Boating, Hiking and Special events

Lake Havasu City has become a “Special Events Mecca.” Near-perfect weather facilitates many special events in Lake Havasu City. Annual events such as the Skat-Trak World Championships (the culmination of the professional personal watercraft tour), the Relics and Rods Run to the Sun (a pre-1960 specialty street rod car show), and the Winter-blast Western Pyrotechnics Convention and Fireworks Show attract avid audiences.

Lake Havasu is also famous for it's boating and fishing opportunities and events. But, there is another aspect of this beautiful desert oaisis that more and more people are discovering every year. ...


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