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Campbell Cove RV Resort Photo Slide Show

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by our Web Developer and are unedited and untouched!

Campbell Cove RV Resort Aerial Photographs and Google Earth

The image of our property found on, Google Earth is badly in need of an update! At the time we posted this comment, our RV Resort had been on a hill overlooking Lake Havasu for over 3 years but Google's satellite photos still show nothing but an empty lot where we are located.

The small aerial photograph of our Lake Havasu RV Resort shown above in the right hand column was taken by our Web Developer in November of 2009. If you click on it, it should float out of the page and expand to full size. You can see we are very near to the lake. What isn't so apparent is the height of the hill we are on. With the exception of the building directly to the west of us and part of Campbell Boats (the building in the south west corner), we enjoy a unobscured 180 degree panoramic "birds-eye" view of Lake Havasu, via the Windsor Beach wildlife refuge. Looking at the image above you can also see we have two public boat launch ramps just a couple stone throws away from us.



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Campbell Cove RV Resort
Full Screen Aerial Photograph

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    Sky Cam View of Campbell Cove RV resort in Lake Havasu

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